We are a family chiropractic clinic, caring from newborns to prime timers. We help you recover not only from car accidents, falls, bike wrecks, sports injuries, birth trauma, arthritis, etc., but also the postural imbalances from a life sitting in front of a computer, sitting in cars for long commutes, and other more chronic stresses of life.

We specialize in chronic and difficult cases, having invested in sophisticated technology including digital in-house x-ray, heart rate variability to test stress, thermal imaging to test autonomic nerve function and surface EMG to measure muscle tension and imbalance allows us to go deeper and look in areas that have often been missed. This data is compiled with results from a comprehensive physical exam and consultation to allow Dr. Day to develop a comprehensive strategy to get you back on the road to health!

We have cultivated an atmosphere of mutual healing in our office – you not only come for your healing, but also to help others along in their journey. Your participation in helping others will do wonders for your soul, and this is one of the signature aspects of our practice – it is so unique, people travel long distances to come to our office.

Dr. Day is committed to providing chiropractic care to each patient for life and for life. Chiropractic should be part of your health strategy – to get well, and stay well. Our life is experienced through our nerve system, so doesn’t it make sense to keep the highest resolution possible in your nerve system? Let’s live life in high definition, not like an old black and white tv show.